Assignment – Another 48 hour of Twitter

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My experiences with twitter are not so much different from last time, I just know how to use it now. I think it is hard to take it seriously when you are required to use a social media when you do not have the need for it. I believe it becomes superficial and not so much fun to use. I still think Twitter is a good social media for those who are into social medias and want to expand their networks.

I have not really used Twitter since last time we had to use it in class. I think Twitter is a good social media and a great way to keep up with different stuff, but I am honestly not so much into social medias in general. The only social media I use is Facebook and I think that is enough for me. It is confusing to be a member of more than one social media, so I will stick with facebook.

However, what I like about twitter is, that it is professionally relevant and that it is so wide and you can get fast responds to your questions, and it is not as complicated as other social medias I know about.

I have recommended Jeff Hirz. He is a PR practitioner. His professional experience has been primarily agency with a focus in retail PR, but he has also started two PR programs from scratch in two university entities at Ohio University. I think he is worth to follow on twitter. This is his twitter:

Another PR practitioner I would recommend is Joy Kennelly. She deals with award-winning online marketing, copywriting and collateral material development, special event production, media relations and strategic planning. She deals with many different things and that makes her worth following on twitter. Her twitter:

The last one I want to recommend is Michael Kelley. He is also a PR practitioner. He has many different fields, like Digital music industry, portable music devices and personal multimedia players, online video, digital infrastructure, that I find interesting. So I would definitely recommend others to follow him on twitter. His twitter: 






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