Interview with a public relation professional.

I had an interview with James MacGregor who works at Brower, Miller & Cole agency. I found the agency on the internet. Here are eight questions i have asked Mr, MacGregor: 

1.    Tell me a little about yourself and your carrier?


My name is James MacGregor and I’m 24 years old. I live in Newport Beach, California and I am a Junior Account Executive at Brower, Miller & Cole, a P.R agency with an extensive roster of clients that specializes in the representation of companies in the commercial real estate and finance industries.


2.    What made you want to be a PR professional?


After graduating university with a degree in politics, I was uncertain which career path to follow. I researched opportunities in sales, marketing and public relations and of these three disciplines, public relations jumped out at me. Having a keen interest in current affairs, I was fascinated by the idea that P.R professionals could shape the media’s message and by so doing, influence hundreds, thousands or even millions of people.


3.    What is a typical week like? – if no week is typical, then what was last week like?


In a P.R agency, every day is different from the next. When you are juggling a variety of different accounts, each goal is entirely different from the next. One moment you may be persuading a financial trade publication to interview one of your clients regarding a unique financial trend and the next you may be chaperoning a T.V crew at an event in order to concentrate their focus on the non-profit organization you represent.


4.    Tell me about a project you worked on that you are especially proud of?


In May 2008 we generated publicity for the opening of The Shoppes at Chino Hills, which is an open-air lifestyle center in Chino Hills, California. As a result of our extensive outreach we were able to generate a number of front page stories across all the local publications, as well as numerous other features in magazines and newspapers.  This publicity culminated in a large public and media attendance on the day of the grand opening and continued interest in the center thereafter.


5.    How important is writing in your carrier?


Extremely important! Despite my best efforts, I am often guilty of making mistakes in my written work and these mistakes have resulted in severe repercussions. However, an excellent phone manner and good people skills are also important weapons in any P.R professional’s arsenal.


6.    What three tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR?


i)             Begin by becoming an intern. It is imperative that you start at the bottom to learn how the industry really works.

ii)            Join a small agency. It will give you the opportunity to take on a great deal more responsibility than would be handed to you at a large institution.

iii)           Keep up-to-date with the news. Only by being aware of current affairs can you determine what is newsworthy and what will interest the media in your clients.


7.    What do you do to keep current in the PR industry?


I read two daily newspapers every day and I also subscribe to a variety of RSS feeds that focus on topics that are relevant to my clients. Furthermore, I maintain constant communication with a number of journalists in order to be aware of which topics will catch their attention.


8.    If you had to “sell” a PR profession, how would you do that – how would you persuade the other person to join the PR field?


As a P.R professional, no two days are ever the same. You can work with a wide variety of businesses, across a spectrum of different industries, performing all manner of different tasks. As a result of your work, vast numbers of people are influenced by your message and may invest in a business, dine at a restaurant or donate to a non-profit organization as a result of your efforts. There is no greater profession.



4/02/09 19:07:00

After interviewing this person, I got to know much more about pr professional and their job field. It sounds like a great carrier with many and new challenges everyday. It is definitely a carrier I would take into consideration. 


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