PR podcast – Geek Girls: “social media haters”

Geek girls Podcast “Social media haters”.

In 2008, Nancy Lyons and Meghan Wilker introduced the Geek Girls Guide as a place to publish their perspective on the Interactive industry and demystify technology for women.

This podcast I have chosen, is called “social media haters”. 

The geek girls are discussing social media, primarily Twitter and Facebook. The discussion is about how some people make judgments about something they have never tried to use. Some people have judgments about twitter and facebook, even though they have never used them. Both of these social medias are tools, which are there to be used but only if you want to. Some people are talking about how facebook can be an addiction, but again it will only be an addiction if you make it so. How to use the tools is up to the individual itself.

These two girls give some examples of how they feel about twitter and facebook. Both are good way to make a broader audience, to interact with other people and to maintain connection with old friends from school or so. The girls talk about how “we are the media”, that is to say that everything goes through us. We have the power to choose whether we want to use social medias or not.

So to sum up, the geek girls point is, if you don’t want to use the tools, don’t use them and stop making judgments about something you have no idea about!!

A thing i definitely learn about this podcast is that never make any judgments about any social media i don’t know nothing about and not try to tear the social medias to pieces in front of people who use them and like them.



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