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10 tips – Job research and interview

March 3, 2009

10 tips for job interview and job research

1.     Network – this can mean every different kind of networks, like all kinds of media and your social network. Try to find good connection among your social network that can lead you to a job.

2.     Make sure that you are available to reach – have your resume and CV online. Social media is used by many firms today, so make sure that you are reachable online too.

3.     Don’t sit back and wait for the dream job to find you.

4.     Make sure your resume and CV are ready to be sending out – and always check them for stupid mistakes. Make sure to make your resume as personal as possible, so that the reader have an idea of what kind of person you might be. First impression is very important.

The job interview – before and after.

5.     If you get a job interview – make sure to do some background of the company, to show some knowledge. This shows how much you are interested in the job and in the company. And this makes it easy for you to answer question if there are any.

6.     Make sure you have all your papers ready before the interview.

7.     Appearance – this is very important. People often makes judgments about the clothes, so it is very important to be wearing clothes that indicates that you have a job interview, and that you can feel comfortable wearing.

8.     Body language àEye contact – very important. This shows that you have confidant. No matter how nervous you might be, it will not be shown. Handshake – also very important. Make sure you have a strong and firm handshake. The smile is also a great part of nonverbal behavior.

9.     Always have some questions ready you want to ask after the interview – this shows your interest in the job, and you are excited. BUT, never ask for the salary during the job interviewàit gives a bad impression.

10. Remember to turn off your phone. Don’t chew gum or smell of smoke.