Wag the Dog

PR Blog on Wag the dog

1: The PR practitioner embodies the absolute approach because while planning the fake war, they never once thought about the consequences of their decisions. They did not once thought about whether it is right or wrong, or who they might end up hurting with their deceives and lies.

2: The PR practitioner was unethical in the way that he deceived a whole country by faking a war. He was being disloyal in the way that he was not honoring an obligation to serve the public interest. He is too occupied by covering up for the president’s mistake. He was not respecting all opinions and was not supporting the right of free speech.

3: The phrase wag the dog means when a dog wag its tail. In this situation I believe it can mean that the tail symbolize the government and the dog symbolize the public. To create something fake such a significant thing as a war because of something less significant as a sex scandal indicates how powerful the government and the media can be and how they can manipulate with the public. We believe what we see, and that was the whole point of the fake war. The creator of the war knew that, and that was his intention in the first place.

4. The PR practitioner knew how much power he had, and what he was capable of doing. He abused the power he had. This can be a typical thing to do in politics. He had to do everything in his power to defend the president and his reputation, but also his own status and power. He used his power to manipulate the public and came up with the fake war. He knew that people believe what they see and accordingly the fake war was created, because nothing is more significant news than a war. This will effects PR negatively. Not every PR professionals or practitioners act so unethical like in the movie.



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