Twitter – a great communication website:)

My name is Hozan and I am an international student from Denmark. I will be studying here at Georgia Southern for a semester. I am in Barbara Nixon’s PR 2330 class. I have never heard of Twitter before I entered Mrs. Nixon class. The first time I used Twitter in class I could not figured it out. I thought it was very difficult and I could not see the reason why we should use it in class. But now I know all that. I know how to use Twitter and what to use it for.

Twitter is really great and much easier to use now after lots of practice. I really like to use Twitter and I use it a lot. I think it is a great way for people to communicate especially for an international student like me. It is a good opportunity for me to get in touch with the American students and to get to know them better. Twitter is just another way for me to expand my network here at Georgia Southern. Another thing I like about Twitter is that you can just “follow” who ever you want and another great thing is that every time you ask a question you will get a respond very fast. One tinny thing that is missing on Twitter though is that it does not have so many functions to play with, but again maybe that is one of reason it is easier to use than many other communication networks.

I really like that if I have a question about our PR class or other stuff, I can always get some help or answers to my questions on Twitter. I am really glad that I have learned about Twitter and how to use it. 


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